When F & C Created the Projects

It started in 2007,when Executive Producer Francesco Vitali paired up with Producer Christos Siametis to produce a common 2 days concept competition for filmmakers in Athens Greece. They produced successfully the film competition at a local level, but that was not enough. The two Executive Producers wanted to bring to the world a multi - competition for talented filmmakers, musicians, actors, singers, comedians, cinematographers, producers, and more. That was the idea of The 48 Projects.

This experiment started in 2009 with first concept the eco-themed short film competition 48 Go Green an ecological film festival. This pilot project started in Athens, Greece and was scheduled to launch parallel to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (8/12 -12/12/2009), and with the aim of alerting our community and youth to the urgency of this moment for our planet.

The following year, the first 48 hour Music Project was launched in Athens Greece sponsored by SONY Music, and also the 48 hour Fashion Project, both as pilot project and local events.

In 2011, 48 Go Green spread globally for first time online, with 333 teams all over the world participating from more than 130 cities worldwide! The same year winners screened their short films both at the Cannes International Film Festival as well at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

In 2012 Top 15 winners filmmakers screened at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood’s prestigious Samuel Goldwyn Theatre.

Today 48Projects Inc. is part of the vibrant community of artists and production experts based in Beverly Hills, CA, in the heart of this global entertainment headquarters. Whether staff, judges or participants in the competition, these professionals know the industry well!

48MUSIC is the exciting new addition to the 48Projects and is designed to bring amateur and professional musicians together in a creative competition for artistic recognition and music freedom.

This year the planet will be transformed into a music stage. Adrenaline is running high all over the planet! Musicians everywhere in the world are getting ready to create the ideal song to compete within a 48-hour time period in this ultimate online international music competition! Musicians, bands, singers, composers, lyricists and music producers from London to New York, Tokyo to Madrid, from Paris to Vietnam, Brussels to Sydney, or from Moscow to Berlin are going to participate into this unique music fest, the divine 48MUSIC. We invite you as well to join the music circle.

Whether you’ve already made a name for yourself, just want to have fun one weekend, or you are trying to make it big and network internationally, the 48MUSIC will give you something unique and interesting to add to your list of life achievements.

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