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Your 48-hour countdown has started!

We give you an extra 2 hours to upload, but you can upload your creation ANYTIME sooner, but not later!

Your Music Freedom means No Kick-off Days

No more inconvenient kick-off days. You choose your 48 hours to compete, but once you have pushed the button, the clock's ticking. You must create your music within two days. We know it's a lot of work, but you can rise to the challenge. Inspire your team and you'll release the creativity. You can do it! Oh, and we give you two extra hours immediately after your 48 hours finish, to upload your song.

Preparing to Create Your Song

Before you start, it's best to prepare. You don't know your elements yet, but here's what you can do in advance:

  • Organize your team
  • Choose your genre
  • Procure your equipment

48MUSIC 2 Elements

Your music must include the required two elements, which are a golden key, and a music theme. These elements will be displayed on your website account in your profile section, immediately after you push the “Start My Competition” button.

Each of these is MANDATORY for your music to be a candidate for our music competition.

This is your chance for your creativity to shine! The random elements are the only common factor in each music, so find a thought-provoking and interesting way to include them.

ALL two elements must appear in your work somewhere. Even though there is no regulation as to how they appear, if you omit any of these crucial elements, then your submission is INVALID.

Quick Recap

Elements: Your song must include the two elements issued to you when you pushed the competition button.

Length: The finished song must be a minimum of two (2) minutes in duration, and a maximum of four (4) minutes in duration.
Format: You must save your work in one of the listed formats and include the title matter. See The Project Overview page.

Submission: You must complete your song within your 48-hour clock time, as recorded by the system. You have two extra hours consecutively after the competition time has finished in which to upload your song.


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