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48MUSIC kicks off January 2, 2017 and lasts until November 30, 2017. Remember these dates, because they might just change your life.

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The only work that may take place prior to the Official Project Time Period is:

  • Organise Songwriters
  • Organizing Musicians
  • Securing Equipment
  • Scouting/Securing recording studio

We strongly advise contestants to check The Rules for the tasks not permitted before starting their competition.

The 48 hours competition period includes:
  • Producing
  • Song writing
  • Rehearsing
  • Musical score
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Cover Art design


Ready to shoot?

To start your Competition Clock

Log in to your profile page.

Click the button "Start my Competition".

Choose your genre.

The system assigns 2 elements: a Golden Key and a Song (Music) Theme, which must be included in the song.

The 48-hour countdown has started and this begins the team's competition slot.

About the 2 Elements

Our system generates two elements at random when the team starts their competition. These are a Golden Key and a Song (Music) Theme.

No two entries receive the same combination of elements. The assignment of elements is unique to each film submitted to the 48Music competition.

To complete a 48MUSIC Competition Entry

At the end of the 48-hour production slot, contestants should upload their completed song, with titles, in one of the specified file formats. The organizers allow two additional hours for uploading an entry.

These instructions and prompts are given on the team's profile page to guide contestants through the entry process.

Register here for the 48MUSIC 2016 Online Competition


The only work that can begin before the official duration of the 48MUSIC is the pre-production phase.

Got Questions?

For more information visit the FAQ or visit https://www.48support.com and raise a ticket to ask your question.


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