About the competition

48MUSIC is an online international music contest. We give you a music theme (topic) for your song and a "golden key" (word, phrase, lyric) to include.

You create a song 2-4 min long, in English, in your music style, all inside 48 hours.

You upload it to 48music.com

To create a song with a specific theme and to use a given word or phrase (“golden key”), but you do it all in 48 hours.

How to enter

Register your team. Get your musical and technical buddies together, and decide your recording venue, ready to compete. When you are ready to write, perform and record your song, go to your profile page and press the "start my competition" button.
You can sign up on the sign up page.

The competition entry period

It starts whenever you are ready, but remember, once you push the "Start my Competition" button, your 48 hours are counting down!

The competition runs from 2nd January through 30 November. You can sign up and register your team at any time during this period. You choose the day that is convenient to you. Weekday or weekend, daytime or nighttime, it is totally at your discretion.

You can create your team whenever you are ready, it's up to you, but we recommend you create your team before you push the "Start my Competition" button, because as soon as you push it, the clock is ticking!

You can enter as a solo artist who can multi-task, or as a band, or with any number of musicians, or just your best friends who happened to be multitalented like you. The team leader decides whom to include.

Yes, we welcome pros, semi-pros and amateur musicians. If you fancy your chances at winning your music freedom, sign up now! Relatives and employees of the 48 Project Inc. and its associated companies may not enter the competition.
No, registration for the competition includes Basic Membership. Basic Membership is FREE and it includes listening to all the competitors' songs and receiving the 48Music Newsletter.
PRO & VIP PRO membership gives you many benefits, including special discounts coupons to multiple entries, voting rights, an exclusive profile and many more. Also becoming a PRO or VIP PRO is your way to support our festival. Why not take out your PRO membership now?
No, anybody can enter the competition, but PRO and VIP PRO members get the special benefits. PRO & VIP PRO members are our A-listers and we like to treat them with free concert tickets, special discounts entries and much much more. Check them out!

Song theme & Golden Key

Our system assigns you a music theme and "the golden key" (a specific word or phrase) randomly as soon as you push the button "Start my Competition".
The golden key is a word or phrase, in English, which we assign to you. It must be included at least once in your song, either spoken or sung. An example of a golden key is:  "Dreamin' of you." So in your song we need to hear at least once "Dreamin' of you". We don’t mind if you repeat it as many times as you like, but at least once you have to include this into your lyrics.
The "music theme" is the theme we assign you, the topic of your song. An example of a music theme is:  "A love song", or a “break up song”. So your music style could be ANYTHING you want, but your song needs to be specifically around this given theme.
No, you must use the "golden key" and "music theme" assigned by our system. Entries not including the "golden key" and "music theme" as given will be disqualified.
As soon as you push the "Start my Competition" button, the system assigns them.
NO! This is cheating! It is also very difficult to do, considering the fact that the Golden Key and Song Theme are randomly selected. Be warned, if you are caught cheating, you will be eliminated from the competition.
This is up to you. We love them all. We do not discriminate between any music style or genre. Do you want to do Gospel or Metal? Rock or Country? Pop or Folk? It is UP TO YOU. This is your music freedom!
ALL! You choose your genre! This is your music freedom. You can find more information about the music genres here.

Starting – Push the button

It begins as soon as you go to your profile page and push the "Start my Competition" button.
You may organize your team and musicians, assemble your instruments and equipment and scout for your recording studio/spot. You may not do any creative work before you have pressed the "Start my Competition" button. See Rule 13 in Rules for more information.

Recording & uploading

You can record it in a home studio or professional studio. This is according to your preference.
2-4 minutes is the official length. Don't be eliminated by not following the rules.
ENGLISH! All 48Music songs entries MUST be in English.
Nope. Simple and to the point. Sound quality will be part of your focus here, but we do not want to stifle your creativity in any way. If you prefer a polished, layered sound, or you want to be more rugged and raw, it is your decision.
You should create and upload your song in one of the following file formats:  .wav, .aiff, 16-bit PCM.
You go to your profile page and under the section "Competition", upload your song. Use the button "Upload Your Song".
You should include a cover page with front information as detailed in the Rules. The back of your cover should be labeled as a professional CD cover.
Your cover page must show the song title, the team name, your City, State or Country, and the sentence, "This song was created for the 48musicproject.com 2016".  See Rule 17 in Rules for more information.
You have two hours immediately after your 48-hour competition slot finishes to upload your entry. But also you may upload earlier during your 48 hour time period if you are ready. See Rule 12 in Rules.
No, there are not any Production Documents that need to be submitted.


Passion, talent, creativity, originality. You are a musician. You know how subjective music is. Create something we will love! Something that People will choose as well
The winners will be posted on the site, after all the judging rounds have taken place, in December every year. See the Awards & Prizes page for more information about winners.

General FAQ

Never! We believe that artists and the public are the best judges, so our process uses a combination of the two to bring the fairest evaluation of your song.
48Music is an entirely online event. Anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection can participate.
We are looking for Executive Producers and Event Coordinators. Contact us for more information!
48Music believes in allowing creativity free reign! As long as you can upload your file to our official web 48music.com, your equipment decisions are your own!
We sure are! Take a look at our history to see the success of 48 Go Green, or check the newest Online 48FILM Project, and other 48 Projects are in the works. If you become a member, you will hear all about updates to each of these projects and be the first to know if something interesting is coming down the line for you or someone else you know who wants to participate.
We offer competitive advertising packages. Just get in touch with our team


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